Pre-3 Curriculum

Math Readiness

  • Knows some shapes
  • Rote counts to 5
  • Recognizes simple patterns

The Arts: Music, Art, Science and Social Studies Skills

  • Sings and dances to musical activities
  • Participates in all art projects
  • Participates and experiments with science concepts

Reading Readiness

  • Shows interest and looks at books
  • Knows some colors
  • Identifies likenesses and differences
  • Understands position words (up, down, under)


  • Understands that God loves them
  • Shows kindness to others
  • Recognizes that God created all life
  • Identify the Holy Family

 Fine Motor Skills

  • Attempts to use crayons an a variety of surfaces
  • Attempts to use scissors and cut paper
  • Can paint using brushes, fingers and other materials
  • Participates in working with paste and glue
  • Assembles simple puzzles
  • Manipulates playdough
  • Attempts to manipulate zippers, buttons, and snaps
  • Can string beads
  • Attempts to manipulate computer keys

Gross Motor Skills

  • Can alternate feet when walking on stairs
  • Can gallop
  • Can jump in place
  • Can balance on left foot and right foot
  • Can hop on one foot and two feet
  • Can throw a ball
  • Can kick a ball
  • Attempts to catch a ball

Practical/Life Skills

  • Identifies main body parts
  • Follows simple oral directions
  • States and recognizes first name
  • Uses bathroom by himself
  • Attempts to dress self
  • Can wash and dry hands alone

Social and Emotional Skills

  • Shows respect and concern for people and things
  • Beginning to learn how to make and treat friends
  • Accepts and responds to teacher’s instructions
  • Plays and shares cooperatively
  • Reflects a positive self-image
  • Demonstrates appropriate self-control over feelings

Listening and Speaking Skills

  • Can listen quietly to stories for appropriate amount of time
  • Responds to stories through actions or words
  • Speaks clearly
  • Communicates using sentences
  • Can take turns when speaking
  • Knows difference between indoor and outdoor voice