Pre-4 Curriculum

Math Readiness

  • Rote counts to 10 (and beyond)
  • Recognizes and names some numbers
  • Recognizes and identifies some shapes in the environment
  • Identifies size differences
  • Sequences different sizes (small, smaller, smallest)

The Arts: Music, Art, Science and Social Studies Skills

  • Participates in music activities
  • Participates in Social Studies activities
  • Participates in Science activities
  • Participates in Art activities
  • Creatively explores using a variety of materials

Reading Readiness

  • Identifies and produces some letter names and sounds (lower and upper case)
  • Prints first name
  • Recognizes 8 colors
  • Identifies human feelings (e.g. happy, sad)
  • Identifies likenesses and differences
  • Responds with opposite (tall/short) and position orientation (up, in, under) words
  • Enjoys language play (e.g. rhyming words, tongue twisters)


  • Respects all of God’s creation
  • Shows kindness to others
  • Makes the sign of the cross
  • Participates in prayers
  • Recognizes that God created all life
  • Recognizes the importance and equality of each person
  • Identifies the Holy Family
  • Identifies Jesus as God’s son

Fine Motor Skills

  • Holds and uses crayons
  • Holds and uses scissors
  • Paints (at easel and with fingers)
  • Assembles simple puzzles
  • Manipulates clay/playdough
  • Strings beads
  • Manipulates zippers, buttons, and snaps
  • Ties shoes

Gross Motor Skills

  • Can walk forward and backward
  • Can run
  • Can jump in place
  • Can hop on one foot and two feet
  • Can gallop
  • Can skip
  • Participates in games

Practical/Life Skills

  • States phone number and address
  • Identifies main body parts
  • Follows simple oral directions
  • States first and last name

Social and Emotional Skills

  • Shows respect and concern for people and things
  • Plays and share cooperatively
  • Demonstrates appropriate self-control over feelings
  • Reflects a positive self-image

Listening and Speaking Skills

  • Can listen quietly for appropriate amount of time
  • Responds to stories by answering questions
  • Speaks clearly
  • Communicates using sentences
  • Can take turns when speaking