Middle School

In Saint Thomas middle school, we put religious education and faith formation in the center of our Catholic foundation. In the midst of adolescent turbulence, we offer a peaceful climate where students learn to respect each other and their faith. In addition to infusing faith into our curriculum, we work to nurture compassion and leadership. Seventh-grade students participate in a Leadership Retreat. Eighth-grade students assist with attendance, lunchtime, and mentoring their 3rd grade buddies. Students in 6th, 7th and 8th grades attend several retreats during and after school.

We design and update our curriculum to challenge students. A differentiated curriculum encompasses several learning styles to develop critical thinking skills. We use cross-curricular teaching methods to facilitate learning and academic excellence.

Graduating Saint Thomas students will:

  • Develop and cherish their talents and abilities.
  • Grow in love of their brothers and sisters in Christ 
and of themselves as Children of God.
  • Become excellent critical thinkers.
  • Become moral leaders who are developing a 
living relationship with God.


"Living in a Twitter, Facebook crazy world, the greatest gift we can give our kids is a strong Catholic identity. Saint Thomas provides that for our kids."

- Saint Thomas Parent