Our Resource Program collaborates with the Christian Learning Center and Grand Rapids Public Schools to provide individual student-centered planning and support services through the Child Study Team process for students with learning differences.

Our partner, the Christian Learning Center, specializes in including students with special needs within the general education setting. As a network school, we benefit from nearly 30 years of experience providing specialized programs for students with special needs within the regular classroom setting.

Students must be evaluated to qualify for an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), which is provided through the Grand Rapids Public School (GRPS) District. GRPS service providers offer students services based on their individual needs. At Saint Thomas, we have had students receiving speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, school social worker consultations, hearing impaired teacher consultant services, and teacher consultant services.

Students who have a medical diagnosis that impedes their success in the classroom qualify for a 504 Accommodation Agreement Plan. This enables them to receive classroom accommodations based on their specific disability. These Diocesan Accommodation Agreements are reviewed and updated annually by the resource teacher with classroom teachers, parents, and staff members who work with the student.

Saint Thomas also has additional academic support services provided by GRPS Title I teacher for those students who need academic support and meet the qualifying criteria.

The resource teacher uses current researched-based multisensory programs in math and reading for students with diagnosed learning disabilities or students needing remediation.

The Resource Program utilizes both pull-out and push-in services to optimize the student’s learning experience and strengthen confidence.  

The resource teacher, parents, and classroom teachers collaborate to discuss individual student needs. They respond to students who struggle with intervention strategies per the Response to Intervention (RtI) Process. The resource teacher and classroom teachers also implement classroom accommodations based on student’s diagnosed needs and discuss curriculum modification so each student can succeed.