Leader Formation

"But not so with you. Rather, let the greatest among you become as the youngest and the leader as one who serves."

- Luke 22:26

Leader Formation

From the very first days of preschool through the last days of 8th grade, Saint Thomas students learn to care for others, to seek leadership opportunities, and to provide service to others. Saint Thomas’ student leadership model ensures that upon entering 8th grade, our students are prepared to assume their roles as leaders of our Saint Thomas students and later, their future schools and communities. Throughout their journey at Saint Thomas, students are gently guided and carefully placed in servant leadership opportunities.

We find that simple, everyday interactions prepare our students for their greater, future roles. Students know to greet and assist visitors, notice and respond to others' needs, and take ownership for words and actions. This is the heart of who we are as Catholics and a noted quality of our Saint Thomas students. Pairing older students with younger ones is an experience we find successfully builds leadership and a sense of community. Older students assist younger ones in Math, Reading and Science classes. Practices such as this combined with our targeted instruction ensure our students act and lead in an honorable way. When guests walk through our hallways, they mention the evidence of this in our students.

The transformation of students to leaders is purposeful and powerful. The journey includes several community milestones that Saint Thomas is known for such as our leadership retreat and anointing ceremony. We invite you and your child to learn more about our Leader Formation approach.