Board of Education

The Board of Education is a policy-recommending body to the pastor as superintendent of the school. It is responsible for governance oversight of all aspects of the School. Its responsibilities include:

  • Long range planning for the school and overseeing the plan’s implementation,
  • Recommending and drafting policy to the pastor under which the administrator operates the school and seeing that approved policies are implemented,
  • Serving as a body of consultation for the pastor and principal in major decisions of administration,
  • Annually evaluating the administrators,
  • Recommending an annual budget to the Parish Finance Council and seeing that it is adhered to,
  • Fostering better understanding and support for Catholic education in the parish community.



Board Chair: Matt Maczka
Board Vice Chair: Erin Schmucker 
Building and Grounds: Josh Szymanski (chair)
Curriculum Committee: Veronica Perdue (chair)
Executive Committee: Matt Maczka (chair)
Finance Committee: Elissa Williams (chair), Jason Balgavy
Marketing* and Outreach: Judi Koepnick and Jill Hulswit
Mission Effectiveness: Jessica Poelma (chair)
Policy and Planning: Christi Blum (chair)
Technology Committee: Chuck Rushmore (chair), Derek Damstra
Ex-officio Members: Pastor, Fr. Jim Chelich, Principal Suzi Furtwangler, Dean of Students Tim Gibson, Outreach Coordinator Betsy Edgerton,  Boosters President Kyle Wohlgemuth, Education Foundation President Kristy Irwin, and Home and School President Shawn Schuring


If you have questions or concerns for the Saint Thomas Board of Education, please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.