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Annual school theme, 2019-20

Our school theme for the 2019-20 school year is "Love in Action is Love inDEED!" The bible verse that accompanies this theme is: "If anyone would be first, he must be the last of all and servant of all" (Mark 9:35). 

We are excited about the upcoming school year and know that this theme will be a great kick off to our Saint Thomas Service Initiative of "Service to family, parish and community." 


School supplies 2019-20

We are gearing up for another great Saint Thomas school year! If you're out and about, start thinking about picking up school supplies. Here are the lists of supplies according to grade:


Remind registration

Remind is a free, safe and simple messaging tool that Saint Thomas administrators use to share important updates and reminders with students and parents. Subscribe by text, email or using the Remind app. All personal information is kept private. Teachers will never see your phone number. Check out the Remind Registration Instructions to sign up for Remind.


Uniform guidelines

Educational Outfitters is the Saint Thomas school uniform provider. To order online, please visit the Educational Outfitters web site. For information about our Uniform Policy, check out this Uniform Chart or contact the School Office with questions. 

The last Monday of every month is a uniform holiday for Saint Thomas students. Please check these Uniform Holiday Guidelines for clothing that students should avoid wearing even on uniform holidays. 


Teacher Feature: Mary Sue Stegehuis

Staff-16Mary Sue Stegehuis, 3rd Grade 
Education and Certifications: BA and 20 Masters Hours, 
Certifications in science, art, religion, sociology, K-6 all subjects

Why did you choose to teach at Saint Thomas the Apostle? 
While teaching in the public-school system, I repeatedly worked with students struggling with difficult situations. While they picked up that my faith was my core, it wasn’t something I was allowed to openly share. It was heart-breaking and frustrating that the thing that most helped me through difficulties, my faith, wasn't something I could help them discover. That was the point where I applied to, and was hired, at Saint Thomas.

What do you love about your job? 
Sharing my faith and the privilege of seeing my students grow more deeply in their faith. Secondly: that “light bulb moment” that every teacher lives for. The moment when students connect what I was explaining to what they have experienced and their faces just lights up.


Teacher Feature: Molly Heeringa

Staff-1Molly Heeringa
1/2 multi-age (last year); 2nd grade teacher (this fall)
Bachelor degree in ELA
Certification Elementary Education Language Arts

What do you love about Saint Thomas?
The Holy Spirit is alive and well in this school and community! When I visited in May, I thought to myself: “I have to work here someday.”

What do you love about your job? 
I absolutely love my kiddos! I love that I get to share our faith with them and that I have the honor of being part of their education; that I get to play a small role in who they will become as successful human beings.

What advice would you give parents who want to help their child succeed in the classroom? 
Do not do everything for your child. Teach them how to do things for themselves, how to take responsibility for their actions and be problem solvers.

What makes a “good day” at school? 
For me, it’s starting out with coffee. For me and the kiddos, it’s having fun and a full day of smiles and belly laughs.

What do you do over summer break?
Whatever I want! I love to catch up on reading, movies, TV, friends, family, and small get aways!

What do hope your students remember about you?
I hope they remember how much I love them, how much I challenged them, and how much I helped them grow.


Holly Lake accepts IHM Principal position

Mrs. LakeIt is with great pride we announce that Holly Lake, our 1st grade teacher of 23 years, has accepted the position of principal at Immaculate Heart of Mary school.

We thank Holly for her leadership in our school, her dedication to Catholic education and for serving as a teacher coach for the last two years.

Join us in prayer for successful and faithful leadership of her new school and in gratefulness for all she has done while at Saint Thomas the Apostle Catholic School.

We are sad to lose such a wonderful teacher but proud to have produced another leader from our school.

Congratulations, Mrs. Lake!