Alumni Spotlight

Threads of history

It’s more than just a dress…it is a silken thread of history. This First Communion dress was purchased at Wurzburg’s in Downtown Grand Rapids and worn by Judy Tryc in 1966. It was here at St. Thomas the Apostle Church that she received the sacrament of First Eucharist.  A special day...a special dress... a special connection with God.SerbaDress pic

Later, Judy married Don Serba, and they had 4 girls: Catherine, Jeanine, Cara, and Aubrey. Each of these girls attended Saint Thomas the Apostle Catholic School and each wore the exact same dress their mother did, walked down the same aisle, and received the same gift of the Body of Christ in their lives. It is truly a close connection.

This year, on April 24, 2016, Aleksandra Bockheim, Judy’s granddaughter and Catherine's daughter, wore this same beautiful dress. Not only did she receive the gift of God in her life, but having the threads of her family history wrapped around her, she was surrounded by the love of her family in a special way. Fifty years have passed. The same dress, the same aisle, the same Body of Christ, but this time with the third generation looking on.

It is a connection that Aleksandra will not completely understand for many years to come, but Judy and her daughters can enjoy now. It is a bond that can never be taken away. This is our faith in the purest form of family. Welcome Aleksanda, and congratulations to you all.



Alumni success

ACT SCORES 2015 JPGSaint Thomas alumns are working hard on their college preparation. Some of our alumns, along with alumns from other Catholic schools in the area, have earned great ACT® scores. Take a look at the graphic here to see the ACT® scores for the 2015 graduating classes from the four high schools in the Diocese.

The ACT consists of four assessments designed to measure the skills needed for success in first-year college coursework. The GR Diocesan scores are above both state and national scores. You can access more information for these scores here:

Congrats to the class of 2015!