Mission and Vision

Our Mission:   Dynamic Catholic Education Centered in Christ

Our Vision:   A leading innovative Catholic school that invites students to love and serve Christ and engage culture with a saintly passion.

These Are Our Promises to Families:  

Fearless Faith

At Saint Thomas, we are faithful to the Catholic Church. Our faith is living and vibrant and permeates all we are and do. All aspects of our school flow from our active response to faith.

Rigorous Academics

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to providing our students the best possible educational experience and opportunities. Using the latest teaching techniques, technology and tried-and-true methods, we combine classroom and hands-on learning experiences so each of our children can succeed. Saint Thomas graduates are known in our community for their leadership and ability.

Peaceful Climate

We give our students a supportive and respectful environment. We promote a peaceful, positive and proactive approach to discipline. We believe the root of discipline is to “disciple” and draw out each child's gifts. We want our students to examine their words and actions in light of their faith and take responsibility to be what God created them to be.

Empowered Community

Parents are their children's first and primary teachers. We believe the more parents become involved in the educational process, the better their children will do. At Saint Thomas, we partner with parents. We make them joint decision-makers and use their gifts to enhance our school. Our Volunteers In Partnership (VIP) Program involves parents, grandparents, and parishioners who volunteer their time and talents on committees or at events. We celebrate and welcome all gifts and talents!

Intentional Technology

Technology serves great purpose in education today. It is a tool that helps us communicate with the world, puts facts and research at our fingertips, and shapes our global perspective. Students must master technology applications to succeed in future educational and career endeavors. Saint Thomas employs a full-time Technology Coordinator and two assistants to keep all technology and applications current and ensure the most efficient use of our tools and applications. Our parish is committed to a regular maintenance and replacement schedule, which has allowed us to provide one of the diocese's highest computer-to-student ratios.

Servant Leaders

Leadership formation is at the heart of what we do. It involves educating the whole person and helping each student develop strong character. As students progress through Saint Thomas, they learn leadership core values, qualities, and characteristics and have many opportunities to lead younger peers. Students want to emulate the examples of the faculty and older students. In 7th grade, students participate in a Leadership Retreat that is a passage to their role as 8th grade school leaders. Our students use the tools and strength of character that help them to be future leaders within our community, country, and world.