Faith First

A Sacramental Life

At Saint Thomas the Apostle School, we place Christ at the center of our children's education. We include prayer, worship, study, and the Sacraments as part of our school day – every school day. We also partner with our larger parish community, sharing our gifts, activities, retreat opportunities and some aspects of our Sacramental Preparation with Saint Thomas the Apostle Church members.

Morning Chapel Service

At Saint Thomas, teachers, administrators and parents instill in our students that prayer is more than what we do – it's who we are. Each morning during chapel, we pray together as a school, creating a beautiful sense of community in Christ. We take a moment to study a virtue and immerse ourselves in thoughtful prayer and devotion. 

Daily Prayer 

Before lunch or snacks, we give thanks for what has been given. After lunch, 3rd graders lead the entire school in the Angelus. Then at the end of the school day, our 8th graders lead us in the Lord’s Prayer.

Weekly Mass

Once a week, we gather as a school community to celebrate Mass. Teachers and their classes take turns preparing the Mass theme, introduction, readings, Prayers of the Faithful, songs, and special meditations. Students participate as lectors, servers, gift bearers, choir members, student musicians, and sacristans. Some of our confirmed 8th graders also serve as Eucharistic ministers.

First Friday Holy Hour

On the first Friday of every month, we offer time for guided adoration in our church. Students can spend quiet time with Jesus during recess. Teachers bring their students for visits to the Eucharistic Chapel to reinforce the value of having a peace and presence before God. We give our students every opportunity to experience the rich elements of our Catholic faith.