Middle School

In our middle school, we put religion and faith formation at the center of our education. In the midst of adolescent turbulence, we provide a peaceful climate where students learn dignity, compassion and respect.

We challenge students, who are known for their academic excellence. Our differentiated curriculum encompasses several learning styles to foster critical thinking skills. We use cross-curricular teaching methods to facilitate learning and academic success. In addition to weaving faith into all learning, we work to nurture compassion and leadership. The transformation of students to leaders is purposeful and powerful.

Saint Thomas students lead daily chapel, mentor younger students, and provide service throughout our neighborhood and the greater Grand Rapids community. Saint Thomas is known for such milestones as our seventh-grade leadership retreat and anointing ceremony.

A Saint Thomas education is a tradition of excellence in faith formation and education that spans more than nine decades, producing students who excel in high school and beyond.

"Living in a Twitter, Facebook crazy world, the greatest gift we can give our kids is a strong Catholic identity. Saint Thomas provides that for our kids."

- Saint Thomas Parent