Our students were born in a digital era. It only makes sense that their school life should reflect the world around them. Today's technology is a gift from God to help our students reach their full potential. At Saint Thomas, our students learn critical digital life skills and about being a responsible citizen in the digital world.

In 2010 we began an extensive upgrade of our campus infrastructure. This included significant investments to enable Wi-Fi throughout the building, bigger 'pipes' to handle data, enhanced firewalls, security, and cloud computing. Our technology team, led by a full-time Technology Director, oversees our digital journey and keeps us modern, safe and poised for growth.

We regularly poll our faculty, parents and best practice resources for ideas, apps, gadgets, anything that can further advance our students. At Saint Thomas, you'll see purposefully selected devices throughout our school…SMART Boards and Clevertouch Interactive display boards in classrooms, iPads in teachers' hands, desktop computers in our computer lab and Chromebooks for more flexible student use. At Saint Thomas, we:

  • Link all technology and tools to a specific curriculum.
  • Invest wisely and prudently in technology.
  • Engage students in conversation about the responsibilities of using technology in a faith-filled life.
  • Ensure that 7th and 8th graders are ready for the technological realities of high school and the world around them.

Our curriculum committee is working with our technology team to address future technology for Saint Thomas. In 2013, these committees will deliver a "1:1 Computing Plan" tailored to Saint Thomas and consistent with our history as a leading and innovative school not just in West Michigan, but across the nation. This will ensure we remain at the leading edge of technology while engaging our students, increasing productivity, and improving communication with families.