Fight Song

In 1958, 8th grader Mary Gray Milanowski wrote the words to our Fight Song to the melody “In An English Country Garden.” The fight song was forgotten and nearly lost until 2010, when Ellen Kieras remembered the words and sang the tune for Kathy Proulx, our music director. Mrs. Proulx recognized the melody and hand wrote the music, preserving our beloved Fight Song, “On Worthy Hornets.”

Our students sing this proudly at games, and every Friday is "Fight Song Friday." Over the loud speaker during Friday announcements, we play the recording of students singing the Fight Song. Students sing along in their classrooms, cheering on our athletes before their weekend athletic events and taking part in a tradition from generations of Hornets before them.


On Worthy Hornets

On-ward you hornets, On-ward to fame

With the green and gold we will win this game.

As we all go on cheering away with a rah, rah, rah to save the day.

Fight, fight, with all your might, put it forth with power and strife

Then we can say Saint Thomas,

What it takes to make those extra points

So let’s score, score, score ‘cause we want more, Hey!