Message from Father Jim

Things We Have Learned Along the Way
Elements of a Successful Catholic School
The First Principle:
Cultivating Faith Comes First
"There is a difference between teaching a body of religious truths and cultivating faith. We have discovered that simply instilling the truths, as unquestionably important as it is, is insufficient. The real task is to cultivate faith in the hearts of our students. What does this mean? Believing that Jesus died for us, has risen, and now lives for us as a Savior permeates the entire atmosphere of our school. Believing that any woman, man, young person or child can die with Jesus to what they were and rise with Jesus to be a new person, determines the way we structure learning environments, and approach each individual – teacher, student or aide – in them. Teaching students and their parents to recognize the presence of Jesus and how to call upon him is an explicit instructional objective. Faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church, we are neither apologetic for, nor reticent in, seeking to unfold the principles of Christian faith and the richness of the Church’s piety. It is from an active response to faith that all other aspects of our school flow..." Read more



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