Tuition & Affordability

2024-25 Saint Thomas the Apostle School Tuition and Fees

Saint Thomas the Apostle Parish and Foundation generously underwrite more than one-third of the expenses incurred in the education of each student admitted to our school. Due to this generosity, we are able to offer a dynamic education of the highest quality to students at the tuition rates found below. In addition, there is a registration fee ($125 per student with a $250 maximum) and a technology insurance fee ($25 per student for grades 1-8). The registration fee is due at the time you enroll. The technology fee will be added to your tuition.

GradeSaint Thomas Parishioner Diocesan Catholic ParishionerNon-Parishioner 
Preschool 3
(2 days/ week)
Preschool 4
(3 days/ week)
(5 mornings/
$3,346$ 3,346$4,352
(5 full days/week)
1 student:
1st-8th grade
2 students:
1st – 8th grade
3 students:
1st – 8th grade
4 students:
1st – 8th grade

Hornets’ Nest/Enrichment/Preschool Childcare

We offer the following programs to suit more families: Hornets’ Nest (After School Program), Preschool Enrichment, Kindergarten Enrichment and Preschool Childcare (11am – 3:20pm). We will collect tuition for these programs with the same method of payment for your School Tuition. Below are the rates for these programs. 

Optional ProgrammingRate
Preschool P3 Enrichment — Wednesday morning$780
Preschool P4 Enrichment — Tuesday/Thursday $1,559
Kindergarten Enrichment — Tuesday/Thursday afternoons$981
Kindergarten Enrichment — Monday/Wednesday/Friday afternoons$1,219
Hornets’ Nest — 1 student $540 x days/week
Hornets’ Nest — 2 students $740 x days/week
Hornets’ Nest — 3 students $940 x days/week
Hornets’ Nest — 4 students $1,140 x days/week
Hornets’ Nest — 5 students $1,340 x days/week
P3/P4 Childcare — Available M/T/W/Th/F $780 x days/week
Active Parishioner Definition

To be considered an active parishioner and receive the reduced rate, you must commit to:

  • Growing my faith in Jesus and living a Catholic life.
  • Worshiping at Saint Thomas on a weekly basis.
  • Using offertory envelopes to indicate my presence at worship with my family.
  • Support our parish community’s works and ministries with my prayers, time and talent.
  • Financially support Saint Thomas Parish. The recommended level of financial contribution for parishioners is a tithe of 5% of your household income to Saint Thomas the Apostle Parish and 5% to other charities. Saint Thomas Parish asks that I contribute as God has blessed me, as much as I am able.
  • Understanding that if I fail to fulfill the requirements listed above, our tuition rate will be switched to the higher Non-Parishioner rate, and we will be in jeopardy of losing any scholarships that have been awarded.
Financial Assistance

Thanks to the generosity of the Saint Thomas Parish and Education Foundation, tuition assistance is available to active parish families of students in Grades PreK to 8. Families requesting financial assistance must submit an online application through SMART Aid. Financial aid requests are kept confidential.

Visit to get started. For the 2024-25 school year, check out the 2024-25 Blackbaud/SMART parent application guide and the 2024-25 parent instructions for help.

Our SMART School ID number is: 13303

Our SMART Student code is: StThomApoGR

Please contact our School Office for further details and assistance.


Tuition assistance is awarded to those who complete the SMART Aid and have a demonstrated need. The scholarship available include:

  • Diocese of Grand Rapids scholarships
  • Saint Thomas Tuition Angel Program
  • Saint Thomas Education Foundation scholarships
Finalsite/SchoolAdmin Tuition

We use Finalsite/SchoolAdmin for our tuition payment plan. With Finalsite/SchoolAdmin, you can set up your school payments for once or twice a year or 10 monthly payments. Once you are admitted and enrolled at Saint Thomas, you will receive an email about setting up a SchoolAdmin account. If you have any questions about this, please contact the school office.

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