The Saint Thomas Education Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors along with guidance from the Saint Thomas Education Board president, the president of the Parish Finance Council, Pastoral Council Chair, and the Parish Pastor. Directors are elected for three year renewable terms and serve in a pro bono capacity. The board meets bi-annually in May and December while the Directors meet bi-weekly.

We welcome your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and/or willingness to serve. Please use the form below to contact any board member to share your input or to discuss joining the board in service of our school. 

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Board of Directors

  • Kristy Irwin — President
  • Bill Coderre — Treasurer
  • Shawn Schuring — Secretary
  • Father Jim Chelich — Pastor
  • Mark Kennedy — Finance Council Chair
  • Mark O’Toole — Pastoral Council Chair
  • Erin Schmuker — Board of Education President