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Inclusive and accessible education is not a place; it is a way of thinking. Inclusive education refers to those educational practices that enable students with disabilities to attend the school of their choice, receiving appropriate, specially designed instruction within general education classrooms in the same curriculum as typically-developing peers.

Saint Thomas is committed to inclusive education

  • All classrooms are inclusive utilizing different configurations, instructional differentiation and special programs and materials.
  • Targeted instruction outside the classroom; push-in and pull-out services are used when necessary.
  • Professional development for our teachers and staff focuses on Inclusive Practices coordinated by All Belong.

We believe:

  • All students are made in the image and likeness of God.
  • We are called to educate all regardless of learning differences or abilities.
  • A diverse student body promotes tolerance, acceptance, dignity and respect.
  • Each student is a unique learner. We seek to know each child excellently and create student-centered plans to help meet individual needs.

Community Partners

All Belong

Artists Creating Together

Grand Rapids Public Schools

Special Olympics Area 11

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