Recognizing Community Leaders – Dennis & Sue Haas Williams
Dennis and Sue were highlighted in the March Aquinas Magazine, included below are a few excerpts from that article…

In semi-retirement, Sue and Dennis have found ways to occupy their time and participate in their community.

Sue, an alumni of Aquinas College and Rosary High School, serves on the Grand Rapids Diocesan school board and leads the strategic planning committee, where she assists 31 Catholic elementary schools in charting their course to success.

A graduate of Saint Thomas, Catholic Central, and Aquinas College, Dennis (“Denny”) has been a deacon and parishioner at Saint Thomas for over 50 years.

Denny and Sue decided years ago that Catholic education from grade school through college would be the primary focus of their philanthropic efforts. The Ralph J. Haas Family Scholarship was established in memory of Sue’s father. It is awarded annually to 2 students in support of their pursuit of a dynamic Saint Thomas education centered in Christ. 

Denny and Sue have provided generous donations to the Saint Thomas Education Foundation throughout their lives, and also plan on dedicating part of their estate to supporting Saint Thomas and it’s students for years to come. “If we can give a leg up to someone who really want to make it, we want to do that,” said Dennis. “With a little help and support combined with hard work, all students can achieve their goals and go on to make big differences in their communities.”

Thank you Denny and Sue for your commitment to a Saint Thomas Dynamic Education Centered in Christ!

Dennis and Sue Haas Williams

Alumni Success

Last spring, 307 students graduated from the five Catholic high schools in the Diocese of Grand Rapids: Catholic CentralSacred Heart Academy, and West Catholic in Grand Rapids; Muskegon Catholic Central; and Portland St. Patrick. Join us as we congratulate them on their achievements and we pray for God’s blessing on their future endeavors!

Check out some of the graduates’ accomplishments:

•99% graduation rate
•94% of graduates attending college in the fall
•$8,281,747 in accepted scholarships
•$28,709 in average accepted scholarships per college-bound graduate (based on student- reported totals)
•2 graduate discerning Religious Life
•3 graduates entering military service
•10 graduates entering skilled trades

Congrats, grads!

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