Mr. Ryan Corcoran
616.458.4228 x1306 Email Me
Mrs. Betsy Edgerton
Director of Development/Outreach
616.458.4228 x1363 Email Me
Mrs. Annie Cicotte
Administrative Assistant
616.458.4228 x1300 Email Me
Mr. Don Dahlquist
Director of Educational Support Services
616.458.4228 x1336 Email Me
Ms. Samantha Mason
616-458-4228 Email Me
Mrs. Cammi Lawrence
616.458.4228 x1301 Email Me
Mrs. Veronica Perdue
Preschool 3s and Preschool and Hornets' Nest Director
616-458-4228 Email Me
Mrs. Susan Hieshetter
Preschool 4s
616.458.4228 x1350 Email Me
Mrs. MaryAnn Bridge
616.458.4228 x1340 Email Me
Mr. Jeremiah Sluggett
Kindergarten/Athletic Director
616.458.4228 x1320 Email Me
Mrs. Kate Casey
1st Grade
616.458.4228 x1335 Email Me
Mrs. Kelly Donohue
1st/2nd Grade Multi Age
616.458.4228 x1312 Email Me
Mrs. Brenda Tietema
2nd Grade
616.458.4228 x1314 Email Me
Mrs. Abby VanDyke
3rd Grade
616.458.4228 x1313 Email Me
Mrs. Molly Mester
3rd Grade
616.458.4228 x1316 Email Me
Mrs. Kailey Malonek
4th Grade
616.458.4228 x1323 Email Me
Mrs. Amy Zakrajsek
4th/5th Grade Multi Age
616.458.4228 x1305 Email Me
Mr. Mike Mester
5th Grade
616.458.4228 x1322 Email Me
Mr. Adam Baxter
Middle School Theology
616.458.4228 x1326 Email Me
Mrs. Jen Bendon
Middle School Science
616.458.4228 x1329 Email Me
Mrs. Nicole Hoedeman
Middle School Math
616.458.4228 x1319 Email Me
Ms. Rachel Eggenberger
Middle School English Language Arts
Email Me
Mr. Evan Walsh
Middle School Social Studies
616.458.4228 Email Me
Mrs. Jeanne Walch
616.458.4228 Email Me
Mr. Ed Carr
Faculty Emeritus
616.458.4228 x1319 Email Me
Mrs. Emily Hunter
Preschool Aide/ESS
Email Me
Mrs. Bonnie Burke
Preschool Aide
616.458.4228 Email Me
Ms. Sarah Ensing
Preschool/ESS Aide
Email Me
Mrs. Katie Morrow
Kindergarten Aide
Email Me
Mrs. Cheryl Coderre
ESS Teacher
616.458.4228 x1315 Email Me
Mrs. Sarah Faber
ESS Teacher
616.458.4228 x1336
Mrs. Cathy Buehler
ESS Teacher
Mrs. Hilary Wilson
ESS Teacher
Email Me
Mrs. Samantha Linn
ESS Teacher
616.458.4228 Email Me
Mr. Anthony Giovannetti
Technology Director
616-458-4228 x1339 Email Me
Mrs. Sue Edgerly
616-458-4228 x1324 Email Me
Mrs. Meg Sullivan
ESS Instructor
Mrs. Shawn Schuring
ESS Teacher
616.458.4228 x1324
Mrs. Becky Keane
616-458-4228 Email Me
Mrs. Aftyn Johnson
School counselor
616.458.4228 Email Me
Mrs. Angelique Nowak
Hornets' Nest Caregiver
Mrs. Karen Williams
Mrs. Kathy Proulx
Middle School Choir
Mr. Ted Coon
School Maintenance
616.458.4228 x1303 Email Me
Mrs. Emily Brunner
K-4 Music
616.458.4228 x1306 Email Me
Mr. Don Serba
School Maintenance
616.458.4228 x1303
Mr. Drew Edgerton
School Maintenance
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