Dynamic Education

Our dynamic educational experience begins with Christ at the center of all that we do. Prayer strengthens us for the journey and binds us to our mission.

At Saint Thomas we believe that every child is gifted and our work is to recognize, support and nurture each child's unique talents. Combining research in educational best practices and a dedicated technology plan, our teachers consider each student's individual needs. This might require advanced work or even providing alternate learning environments. Such tools may include: alternative seating such as ball chairs or raised seating, noise muffling earphones, and teacher voice amplification devices. Our objective is to provide tools so students study, learn and reach their learning goals.

Through Enrichment, we offer programming that expands classroom learning for those who are ready with research, first-hand experiences and higher-level thinking. Our Resource Teacher guides those who may struggle and works with the classroom teacher to best meet student needs. Because we are blessed with tremendously involved and dedicated parents, our volunteers in the classrom provide additional classroom support. Parents provide supplemental tutoring and classroom one-on-one help for students. Our parent volunteers definitely contribute to that "something special" for which Saint Thomas is known.

Dynamic education is ever changing. It is recognizing each individual in the school and inviting them to share their unique gifts. It is attending to each child's needs, accepting our differences, and embracing our diversity. Dynamic education is constantly thinking outside the box and anticipating the future. A Saint Thomas education is a dynamic education.

"The Holy Spirit is alive and working at Saint Thomas. Faith resonates in every aspect of the school's operations."

- Saint Thomas Parent