Early Childhood


We believe that parents are their child's primary educators. We partner with you in giving your child the best educational, developmental, and spiritual experiences. Saint Thomas teachers are gifted, loving, faith-filled and nurturing...just what your child needs to succeed!

Teachers are trained in Orton Gillingham and Bridges in Math, multi-sensory programs that immerse students in active learning. Children learn letter sounds, shapes, uppercase/ lowercase letters, letter names and how to apply them to text. The curriculum is age-appropriate, developmental, sequential and playful. Our program engages students with songs and creative activities that help make learning fun! Our students learn with their eyes, ears, mouths, and bodies. 

In addition to academics, we weave the life, love, and joy of Jesus Christ into our daily instruction and instill within each student a sense of pride, compassion and self confidence. We want everyone to enjoy a sense of belonging...God loves each one of us! We build a strong educational foundation that lasts throughout each child’s lifetime.

Our kindergarten and preschool students meet half days. The 3-year-old program meets two half days. The 4-year-old program meets three half days. Our kindergarteners meet five half days, with the option of two, three or five full days.

In addition, Saint Thomas offers a 4-year old and kindergarten enrichment program for students who are ready for additional classroom time. Enrichment classes complement our curriculum through language arts, math, science and social studies, using activities to meet each student's needs. Faith is an integral part of the student experience – even in our enrichment program. Parents may enroll 4-year-old preschool students in our two-day enrichment program. Kindergarteners have the option of half-day or two, three, or five full-day experiences.