Board Bio — Derek Damstra

Tell us a little about yourself: I work at CareLinc Medical, our family business. I love getting the opportunity to help people every day.

Activities I enjoy: Mountain biking, snowboarding, being outside!

Tell us about your family: My wife Erin actually went to Saint Thomas. We have three awesome kids, Madison (7th), Rilyn (5th), Dean (K), at Saint Thomas now.

Role(s) on the board: Secretary (6th and final year), former vice chair, and member at large

Why did you want to be on the board? Initially, it was just to be more involved with my kids’ school. At the time, I wasn’t Catholic so I guess I wanted to get inside to learn more what this was all about.

What do you hope to accomplish for Saint Thomas? There have been a lot of changes at Saint Thomas over the last six years. I hope we continue to change and adapt with how our kids learn best.

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