Board Bio — Elissa Williams

Tell Us A Little About Yourself: I love spending time with my family and our extended families, traveling to new places, getting outside to bike, go for walks, fish, or pretend hunt (aka sitting in a blind w/a book and snacks), and getting to know other families in our community. I work full time for Vertex Pharmaceuticals and travel throughout the Midwest, supporting hospitals to ensure underserved patients have access to critical therapies.

Tell Us About Your Family: We have four children, with Eric (5th), Katherine (4th), and David (2nd) all attending Saint Thomas, and our youngest (and who I’d also deem our most spirited) Elise, who is in full time P3 at All Saints Academy. We try our best to burn their high energy through hockey, soccer, dance or other activities and I’m their biggest fan, getting so much joy watching them all use their God-given talents in life.

Role on the Board: Vice Chair

Why did you want to be on the Board? I was grateful for the ability to reengage as a School Board member this year and had been thinking of how I could give more of my time and talents more within the school. School hours pose a challenge for me to consistently volunteer, given my M-F work schedule and the work of the Board felt like a great fit with my professional experience and personal interests as a parent of multiple children in the school.

What do you hope to accomplish for Saint Thomas? I hope to contribute towards making Saint Thomas a place where children can thrive in all aspects of life, where there is excellence in education, and most importantly, to support the school in developing a community of faith and love for the Lord. Accomplishments likely will look different from year to year, but these are the overarching drivers for my involvement on the Board.

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