Board Bio — James Wilson

Tell us a little about yourself: When I don’t have a book in hand, my pastimes include skiing, cards, watching the Cubs, Irish, or Spartans, mucking about in the yard and garden, or playing sports with the kids.

Tell us about your family: We have five children. Livia Grace is a junior at Catholic Central, while our younger four are all enrolled at Saint Thomas, from Eighth Grade down to the 4-year-old PreK. My wife Hilary works at Saint Thomas as an ESS teacher for the kindergarten and loves every minute of it. As a family, we love road trips to explore the country around us, reading aloud together, and above all watching the Marx Brothers movies.

Role on the Board: Mission Effectiveness Committee – Chairperson (2 years)

Why did you want to be on the Board? I have spent my career in Catholic higher education and have long been involved in supporting the liberal arts dimensions of Catholic primary and secondary schools. It is a particular pleasure to be able to support the mission of the school my children attend.

What do you hope to accomplish for Saint Thomas? Catholic education has always been a central means of transmitting the faith and forming the character of young people. In a culture such as ours, where so little attention is giving to preparing the young for lives of virtue, gratitude, and holiness, it is my hope that the work of Mission Effectiveness will in some small way deepen the impact of a Saint Thomas education and help all our students to a more profound and enduring love of God.

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