Board Bio — Jamie McCabe

My name is Jamie McCabe , and I am the proud grandmother to the Waggoner children at STA!  Kate (grade 2), Joey (grade1) and twins Michael and John Forrest (P4), are the children of my son, Austin Forrest, and daughter-in-law, Jackie Waggoner. I was born in Louisville, Kentucky, where my parents gave me the gift of Catholic education K-12. Undergraduate work at the University of Kentucky and a Master’s degree from GVSU continued this wonderful foundation.

Presently, as a retired educator and elementary principal with Grand Rapids Public Schools (since 2010), I was certainly curious and excited to see how the relationship between STA would grow and thrive for my grandchildren.  I see many changes in education since my retirement and was hoping I could still be a genuine partner in learning, for them. It seems that the increase of technology and the usage of social media have impacted the education of the total child, both positively and negatively.   

In regard to the start of my involvement withe STA,  it was  just three years ago when Kate started preK.  My first feeling of what the culture was like was when I  first walked into the school. With it’s oak trimmings, terrazzo floors, and bright artwork surroundings, it attracted me. But what captured my heart was to see the hustle and bustle of the school family at work—happy work!  Smiles, greetings, helpful assistance, collaboration, and communication was all around me.  It was plain to see, for me, that this was a place where parents, leaders, teachers, staff and volunteers have a common goal: to provide the best environment for learning as possible!

God willing, I hope to be a long time “Grammie” and to model helpfulness with my involvement at STA!

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