Saint Thomas the Apostle School is located near Wilcox Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We faithfully serve 315+ students per year from preschool through 8th grade. More than 200 families from Ada, Forest Hills, Rockford, Kentwood, Lowell, East Grand Rapids, Eastown and many other Grand Rapids neighborhoods entrust us each year to educate their children.

At Saint Thomas, faith first permeates and propels academics, extra-curriculars and conduct, producing unapologetically Catholic students who personally know Jesus, the Scripture and Sacraments.

Our proprietary student leadership model ensures our 8th graders successfully lead our students and their future schools and communities.

With a starting point that "all students are gifted," Saint Thomas leads the Grand Rapids Diocese and the nation in supporting student achievement of individual learning goals.

Saint Thomas curriculum and clubs support the distinct development needs of girls and boys within the context of Catholic Faith. And our award-winning student life activities offer variety and excellence at the local and state level (e.g. Spelling Bee, Student Council, Science Olympiad, etc.).

Athletics is approached as a ministry and begins formally at 5th grade and via enrichment programs as early as Pre-K.

  • 95% of eligible Saint Thomas students participate in one of our 17 league-leading athletic teams.
  • More than 75% of our students go on to participate in high school athletics.

Our students excel in high school and typically stand out in their graduating classes, as evidenced from Catholic Central's 2012 student award list. Of the nine Catholic Central Eagle Scouts, seven were Saint Thomas alum, and half of Catholic Central's "Top 10" were from Saint Thomas. In addition, Saint Thomas alums won these Catholic Central awards:  

  • Ted Sowle Athlete of the Year Award
  • Gardiner Award
  • Cougar Award
  • HOPE Volunteer Award
  • Philip and Sharon Burns Heart and Soul Award
  • Both Lions Club Awards
  • 2012 Congressional Medal of Merit Winner