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Saint Thomas Education Foundation

STEF Version4 1In 1983, Rev. James Cusack announced "Today let us rejoice! At long last, we have established the Saint Thomas Education Foundation. Together we will build this foundation to ensure a Catholic education is available to all, regardless of financial need. We are a parish family and, as a family, we have an obligation to be concerned with and for each other."

The Saint Thomas Education Foundation is a separately incorporated tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable trust. The foundation exists to raise, protect, and administer funds to support the educational, literary, scientific, and spiritual objectives of Saint Thomas the Apostle Catholic School and its students.  We are committed to our roots of supporting Saint Thomas students and Saint Thomas school. While the school's needs are evolving, we continue to be able to meet more of those needs than ever before.

The Education Foundation annually awards students with established scholarships, partnering with families in support of a dynamic Saint Thomas education centered in Christ. Additionally, the foundation directs more than $74,000 in funding to support school programs, education materials, technology and professional teacher development. With help from parishioners like you, a quality Catholic education is within reach for all who seek one. When you make a gift to the foundation, you are giving to the formation of faith, the creativity of the arts, the study of the sciences, the enhancement of technology, and the development of leaders.